5 Misconceptions About Digital Marketing – A Guide By The Top SEO Services India Company

Digital marketing is a world that has been constantly evolving ever since it gained prominence. Search algorithms got changed, trends came and went, the social media happened – every new event or advent on the internet played its role in shaping digital marketing and SEO as we see it today. And every new change gave rise to new misconceptions and myths – wrong notions about this all important service. And THAT is why we, as the leading SEO agency in India, thought to put together a guide of sorts, helping the unwitting entrepreneur understand what is true and what is false in the world of digital marketing. This blog post series will list it all out for you:

Time versus results
One of the biggest disappointments that an online business owner has with an SEO campaign is the time that it takes for results to materialize from a campaign. There are no short cuts in the world of digital marketing (pay-per-click advertisements being the only exception). One strategy isn’t supposed to work forever and success takes time to start becoming visible. Be patient with your SEO agency in India and expect your campaign strategy to be changed every now and then. SEO is not a one time thing – it is a constant process that is necessary for your business’ online success.

Too technical to measure
Many marketers out there may try to cheat you with the argument that the results of their efforts are too technical and complicated to measure. There is NOTHING in SEO that cannot be measured or monitored. Every new step taken as part of your marketing campaign will have tangible results that are capable of analysis and measurement. Do not let any search engine optimization company in India tell you otherwise.


Social Media in Business

The Social Media has become an integral part of life today. More and more people are using it each day to connect with their loved ones, see the lives of their favorite celebrities and also to know the latest trends around the world. This extensive use of social media has turned it into a great platform for marketing. To get the maximum output from this trend you should hire a search engine optimization company which specializes in social media marketing.

There are many companies which provide search engine optimization services in India which are very good in social media marketing. The social media marketing and its success has many constraints which are best taken care of by SEO companies. Understanding of the working of these constraints is very important for a business owner so he/she can take decisive action when it comes to a marketing campaign.

seo1-370x190Firstly, let us take an example of Facebook. There are communities on Facebook and SEO companies help you tap into this customer resource after doing market research on that community. This will in turn, help you create awareness about your brand. Creation of a page or community is just one of the things that a search engine optimization company in India does. These companies are also responsible for monitoring and reporting of the information output of your campaign. Some of the things that come in monitoring are the conversations that are going on about your brand. Also, they see when the traffic is at its peak on your particular page or what age group of people is getting you more hits. All this information tends to help you understand your customers better and make wiser marketing choices.

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Five Reasons to Get Rid Of Your SEO Service Provider

slider-2For some people, SEO is dead while someothers believe that SEO is the finest online marketing strategy. I personally believe that as long as we are implementing the right SEO strategies, it is bound to be effective and will help you in achieving maximum ROI. But then, just as every human being is not reliable, every SEO service provider in India is also not reliable.

Here are 5 reasons why you should reconsider continuing with your SEO service provider.

  1. If they don’t want you to get involved in the process

When an SEO service provider doesn’twant you to get involved in the process, chances are high that they are doing things that are against the search engine terms of use. Enquire from SEO agency on how and what SEO optimization techniques they are following to rank you well on search engines.

  1. If they are doing Spammy practices for getting inbound links

If you have hired an SEO service provider for your website thensurely, they must be building inbound links for you. Find out how they are going about the link building process. If your SEO service provider is getting you a rush of spammy backlinks then fire them right away.

  1. If they are not familiar with or do not adapt to Google Algorithm updates

All good SEO service providers in India know what Google updates are. Nowadays this search engine continually makes changes in its algorithm and if you want to remain in the competition, your website’s SEO strategy needs to evolve accordingly. Ask your SEO service provider what they do when Google makes big changes in its algorithmand if you do not get a satisfactory answer, then it is time to fire them.

  1. If they are not doing on-page technical SEO

Technical SEO components include IP detection, load time, 301 & 302 redirects, HTTP, javascript, flash, crawler access and many other upgrades for your website. All these elements play an important role in SEO and if you want to be successful in the long run, you can’t neglect these factors. If your SEO service provider is not doing on-page technical SEO, then it is a warning sign

  1. If they hesitate to show you a complete report

A good SEO service provider will not hesitate to show you a detailed report of how your website is doing in terms of rankings and traffic flow.

SEO Services In India – Playing It Safe

If you have a business outfit in India and would like to effectively market the same online, it is highly recommended that you hire one of the best SEO service provider in India to come up with an advertising strategy and promotion campaign that can help create a buzz for your brand online. In a market where attention spans of customers last just about a few seconds, you cannot hope to adopt a hit-or-miss approach. Every marketing communication you have with your audience should hit the mark – a feat that can be achieved only when you have the top most SEO company in the country on your side.

The Indian customer has a very peculiar mindset – you need to present your product/service in just the right way to win hearts of people online. The best SEO services in India understand these localized market sensibilities and will come up with a campaign that actually works with your audience – a feat that is virtually impossible if you outsource your campaign to an overseas service p



Even the most successful SEO strategies take time to blossom into a positive outcome. This is how scam artists get away with ripping people off in the online marketing world. They convey hope to their clients that the benefits will be coming, meanwhile they are simply pocketing your monthly investment each month. But a professional SEO service provider from India will commit to a timeline for producing results and will have plausible justifications for failures, if any. Unless you find a company that is straight and transparent about its deliverables, don’t hire them!


This is how you can play the field safely.

SEO Services – Companies Versus Freelancers

India ranks second in the world for the most number of internet users. For this reason it is very important to market products and services online here. For promoting your products and to optimize your website on a search engine you can either hire a leading SEO company in India or you can go with freelancers. Let us consider some of the differences between top SEO services companies and freelancers who do search engine optimization.

search-1355847_960_720Many businesses hire search engine optimization freelancers due to two reasons. Firstly, the freelancers are available readily. Many people are ready to do it and you can choose from a bunch of options. Secondly, freelancers can be cost effective. The main aspect that lures website owners to freelancers is that they are ready to work at very competitive prices.

However, the benefits of hiring a leading SEO company in India cannot be neglected. To begin with, you can be sure about a SEO company’s work by reading reviews about them. On the other hand, a freelancer can be a hit or miss type of situation. This is because of that fact that it is very difficult to judge the quality of work of a freelancer. This is true especially in the case when you are new to the market and have little idea about this field. Also, since SEO agencies work with different clients they are well versed in many problems that occur within different organizations. They also have a wider range of employees and can get the best possible person to do your job.

So be very careful when choosing between these two alternatives. To know more visit Seotonic.com

Ethical SEO Possible With Professionals From India

When it comes to optimizing your website for online marketing purposes, there are all kinds of strategies that an SEP expert can choose to employ. While every SEO style and philosophy will be reasonably effective and can fetch results, especially in the initial stages of a campaign, there might be a situation where the people you employ to work on your campaign begin to resort to unethical means to get results for your website.

Black-hat SEO or unethical SEO is a practice that is frowned upon by the web community and heavily penalized (if caught) by search engines. Therefore, when you are out to hire an SEO company for your online marketing campaign, make sure they are well aware of these aspects and avoid using these tactics. There might be service providers who put forth tall claims that their strategy is fool proof and risk of getting caught is minimum. But getting penalized and even banned on Google is something that no online business should think about risking. Instead, you should categorically convey your wishes to the service provider that use of black hat tactics are a complete no-no for your campaign.

Or you can choose to hire top SEO companies in India to provide you with effective and ethical services that will yield lasting results for your marketing campaign. You can trust these service providers to deliver high quality, white hat SEO services and use time-tested tactics that will garner sustainable rankings for your campaign.

Therefore, hiring SEO services in India is definitely the safer choice!

SMO Working

Social media optimization (SMO) is the process to use the number of social media channels and communities so as to generate the publicity for your business, in order to increase the awareness for some product, article, brand or event. The different types of social media that are involved in this process include social news, RSS feeds and bookmarking sites, and at the same time popular social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter, as well as other sites that provide videos and blogging. SMO is quite similar to SEO, as it too generates awareness and traffic for a particular website. In most cases, social media optimization indicates optimizing a certain website along with its content that is related to sharing all over the social media, and sites that deal with networking by using tools that mechanize this process.


The basic idea behind this is to tactfully create interesting content that will encourage and entice people to get engaged with a website. Some popular examples of social media engagement are commenting and liking on posts, re-tweeting, sharing, embedding, and advertising the content. Social media optimization is also an efficient means to implement online reputation management (ORM), which means that if someone has posted a bad review for some business, a SMO strategy will make sure that the negative feedback does not appear as the first link that will come up in the list of all the search engines.


As the social media sites have been overtaking televisions, therefore, for the purpose of providing news to the young people, newer organisations have been becoming reliant on a high pace on the social media platforms for the purpose of generating traffic. A lot of publishers hire large social media optimization services teams for optimizing their posts and maximising the traffic. In fact, SMO services in India have become quite popular in the industry for their cost effective solutions. As a cherry on top, they also provide SEO services.